Free Live Streaming October 28 7:30PM from Vitello’s L.A.

Free Live Streaming October 28 7:30PM from Vitello’s L.A.

Now a Message From Ron Jones:

I was invited to perform at Vitello’s in Studio City for a two-night stand. Instead of doing my 22-piece Influence Jazz Orchestra which used to play there and pack the place when I lived there, I thought let’s do the Jazz Forest Band charts with the greatest L.A. session and Jazz players.

I called up my friends who had done sessions with my on so many popular shows to join in. We have truly got the best. We have Fred Selden on Alto Sax, Chuck Findley on Trumpet, Kirsten Edkins on Tenor Sax, Andrew Lippman on Trombone. We have on vibes Billy Hulting, on Piano, the legend Mike Lang, on Guitars we have Tim May and Yarone Levy, on Bass Trey Henry. We have the amazing Dave Tull on Drums and even a vocal, on Percussion we have Brad Dutz and on Keyboards Larry Hopkins.

The LiveStream will employ 6 cameras and studio quality audio. Its free.

Did I mention it will be free?

I want to bring the best in music, in live music to people who love this stuff. How cool to offer a way to stay home and yet be there and take it in. If you want it to be more real pretend you had to find a parking place, fight traffic, pay an expensive dinner and drink bill and cover charge. That will make it feel real. If you want to hear some great players all giving it their all and catch a live show happening in L.A. join us.

To catch the livestream of Ron Jones and Friends log on and go to at 7:30 PM Sunday Oct 28 (or later on when you feel like it).

I want to thank Vitello’s in Studio City for making it possible to share this with our Jazz Forest friends back in the NW.

Good Vibes and Thanks!

Ron Jones, Music Director Jazz Forest