From the creative imagination of award-wining Hollywood film and TV composer Ron Jones (Family Guy, Star Trek:TNG and many more) comes the next great band, Jazz Forest.

Jazz Forest is not only a powerhouse force of Jazz talents it is an evolution of the concept of a jazz group. The differences between the typical way of doing things and what Jazz Forest presents is huge.

First of all, we put the audience first. We know there are so many options for music and for entertainment today. Jazz has to compete with a vast stream of distractions. We bring together the best players, the best compositions and arrangements along with professionally produced sound and lighting.

Second, Jazz Forest makes each performance a great night out to remember. Jazz Forest is taking Jazz forward with an eclectic palette of music spanning everything from the standards to newly created works.

But the most exciting thing Jazz Forest is doing, is that we are forging a new genre we call “Cinematic Jazz” bringing together live film scoring with a jazz performance to create a fusion of visual and music. Thus, creating an immersive visual experience that will leave the audience talking about it long after the performance is over.