Jazz Forest is about great musicians, great music that moves the soul and a great night out. Jazz Forest takes the best of Jazz, what we all love about this art and craft and propels it to a new place without leaving its roots. When you combine the vital energy of great jazz artists with the expressive power of intelligent and challenging arrangements and compositions you arrive to a new creative landscape. A jazz performance should not be a dry recital of worn ideas and tired forms. Jazz should be alive and full of boundless ideas, boundless energy. A forest is both beautiful and a place of growth and renewal.

The creatures that inhabit the Jazz Forest are 12 highly skilled musical humans all seeking the amazing synchronicity of a polished string quartet, but with the exuberance and innovation of the greatest jazz artists. Founded by veteran Hollywood Composer, arranger, producer Ron Jones, Jazz Forest is a vehicle of his creative imagination. After spending 37 years scoring many of the most popular TV shows, Ron returned to the Northwest not to relax but to become even more involved with music, the art and craft and with the community of musicians. This group is very special, very different from most other Jazz groups. The goal is to take the listener into an inner world that is alive with fun, alive with possibility and where music and Musicians can run free. Come to the forest and let go of the normal, the predictable, the same old -same old. Come to the Forest of Jazz.